Donell® has proudly served the medical community for over 20 years.


Doctors and health care professionals recognize the value of comfort and efficacy when it comes to treating certain skin conditions.

Plastic Surgery, Laser treatments, Radiation, Chemical Peels, Microdermabrasion. Skin is typically inflamed with signs of redness following such procedures. Studies have shown that inflammation and redness are reduced and recovery enhanced using Post-Procedure Ointment followed by Correction Cream SPF 15. Physicians nation wide recommend these unique products to their patients. They are available without a prescription.

Bruising, spider veins, purpura, dark circles, eczema, rosacea. These skin concerns require targeted and regular treatment. To help diminish discoloration and discomfort, K-Derm Cream, using topical Vitamin K, provides remarkable results. Order the donell Healing Set today.

On everyone’s lips – Lip Saver SPF 15!

Whether for basic care or chapping and dryness due to the side effects of medication, it’s no wonder that Lip Saver SPF15 is one of our most-requested products. This soothing balm comforts lips on contact and has incredible staying power. Indispensible for winter and summer sports – and everyday lip care.